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Entrepreneurship Development Cell & Institutional Innovation Council (EDC & IIC)

S.No Name of Faculty Designation/Department
Chair Person
1 Dr. Nazeema T H Director-SAS
2 Dr.B.Srinivasan Associate Professor of Computer Science
3 Dr.R.Jayaprakash Associate Professor of Chemistry
4 Dr.E.Jayashree Associate Professor of Physics Innovation activity Coordinator
Dr.N.Susitha Associate Professor of Computer Science Start-up activity Coordinator
Dr.R.Kamaraj Assistant Professor of Chemistry Internship Coordinator
Mr.S.Gowtham Assistant Professor of Business Administration IPR activity Coordinator
Dr.N.Raja Assistant Professor of English Social Media Coordinator
Dr.M.Surendhiran Assistant Professor of Chemistry NIRF Coordinator
Dr.K.Thamizh Assistant Professor of Tamil Apprenticeship Coordinator

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