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About the Club

The NEP STUDENTS CLUB of SAS is constituted as per the procedures given in the “Guidelines of NEP Students Club of the Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundations (Deemed to be University), Salem” and is a voluntary group that is open to all students and aids in sensitizing, popularize, educating and train every stakeholder about the various aspects of National Education Policy 2020.


NEP STUDENTS CLUB of SAS will empower students to organize & participate in meaningful activities/projects to disseminate the various transformative strategies in the NEP policy to every stakeholder

The Objectives are:
1. To sensitize every stakeholder about the various aspects of the NEP 2020 policy.
2. To understand the benefits of the new strategies incorporated in the NEP 2020 policy.
3. To facilitate students' utilize the various provisions and options in the NEP 2020 policy towards holistic development.
4. To provide suggestions and feedback for effective implementation of the NEP 2020 policy.
5. To understand the national vision and contribute to nation-building.

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