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Bachelor’s in English Literature (B.A)

PG Courses

Master’s in English Literature (M.A)

Curriculum & Syllabus

Department of English

The Department of English at our institution has a clear mission: to promote an inter-lingual approach to Literature, transcending language boundaries and regional barriers.
Our department emphasizes the importance of equipping students with diverse pedagogical practices relevant to multiple academic disciplines. Through rigorous training, we instill in them the skills necessary for effective oral and written communication of ideas. Moreover, we recognize language proficiency as a crucial tool for cognitive development in various contexts.
In line with our primary focus, we have structured comprehensive methodologies for teaching English as a foreign language, both in theory and practice. Our courses cover Language and Literature in English, encompassing historical, cultural, and socio-political aspects, as well as diverse genres. We explore British, European, Indian, and American Literature, along with new Literatures in English, incorporating translation theories and practices.
Our faculty members are highly qualified and competent, not only as educators but also as mentors guiding students toward excellence. They actively engage in continuous professional development by attending seminars and conferences to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.
As a research-oriented department, we have full-time Ph.D. scholars conducting valuable research contributing to the scholarly discourse in English Literature. We encourage students to actively participate in seminars, conferences, and extracurricular activities, fostering a holistic learning experience beyond the confines of the classroom.

Salient features of the Department:

  1. Implementing effective teaching and learning process throughout the course/semester.
  2. Encouraging students to participate actively in all the intra and inter department activities.
  3. Facilitating cordial discussions between parents/teachers through meets .
  4. Bridge Course training with efficient faculty .
  5. Classes are dealt with teaching aids using current technology.
  6. Students are trained for paper presentations in seminars and symposia.
  7. Mini projects are given for students to excel in advanced research.
  8. Assignments and Seminars are scheduled to aid in guided self-learning.
  9. Tutorial classes are planned to develop slow and average learners.
  10. Computer based English Language and Communication training is enrooted through Soft Skills subjects.
  11. Several Clubs are formed to develop Creative Skills and to increase the students’ calibre and language proficiency.

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