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B.Com. General

B.Com. (Computer Applications)

B. Com. - Banking & Finance

B. Com. - Professional Accounting

B. Com. - Honours

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2022 2017

B.Com General

2017 2019

B.Com CA

2017 2019

B.Com CS

2017 2019





The Department of Commerce was started in the year 2017 in response to a growing demand for field of Commerce education. The Department aims at maintaining academic excellence and equipping students with the skills indispensable to face the challenges of the corporate world.

The programme aims at developing accounting, managerial and organizational skills in the learners, and also to promote entrepreneurial skills. The programme opens up a plethora of career and higher study opportunities including company secretaries, chartered accountants, cost/ work accountants, banking, finance and management.

The department is dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence through quality, technology and innovation. The department objective is to incorporate the latest technologies and deliver with adequate resources, to inculcate in the students, the most essential skills of Computer applications to plan a professional career on their own.

The undergraduate programme offers an innovative syllabus which caters to the varying needs of students. B.Com – General., B.Com – Corporate Secretaryship., B.Com computer Application and M.Com.

The Foundation Courses in Commerce place special emphasis on addressing real life corporate. While the Professional and Skill Development Courses expose students to case studies and specific problems drawn from the Industry which serves as the backdrop for problem discussion and problem solving.


The main objectives of the Commerce Department are:

  1. To impart quality education through practical knowledge.
  2. To bring out the inner potential of the students.
  3. To achieve 100 percent placement.
  4. To promote discipline by motivating the students to adhere to the hard and fast rules of conduct.
  5. To broaden the students potential by conducting seminars, conference and workshops.
  6. To enhance the internship training with various multinational industries
  7. To settle the grievance of the students by counseling.
  8. To review the performance of the students by conducting unit test, class room seminars, assignments, tutorials.
  9. Organizing women forum for the welfare of female students.
  10. To keep pace with dynamic industry changes and management practices and to enhance knowledge updates through Technical Workshops, Seminars, Guest Lectures and Summer Projects.
  11. To ensure that the curriculum maintains the connect between industry expectations and academia.
  12. To facilitate e-learning by students in additional domain areas through shared Portals.


  1. Highly qualified and experienced faculty
  2. Excellent infrastructure
  3. Well-equipped department library with internet connectivity
  4. Offers B.Com (General) and B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship)
  5. promotion of research
  6. Publications by faculty & students
  7. Consultancy activities
  8. Extension activities
  9. Entrepreneurship Development Activities

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