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Curriculum & Syllabus
2019 2021

Department of Chemistry

Hearty welcome to the Department of Chemistry at School of Arts and Science, VMRF-DU, AV Campus, Paiyanoor, Chennai.

The Department of Chemistry under Faculty of Arts and Science was established in the year 2017.

The Department is an effervescent place with 5 Ph.D. faculty members out of 6 academic staff members as well as accomplishments in Research and Teaching and enthusiastic supporting staff. We have a satisfactory faculty-to-student ratio, which inspires close contact between students and their faculty mentors. This allows the faculty members to give personalized devotion to the academic growth of students. The department encourages the faculty to attend seminars, workshops & conferences. The department motivates the faculty to publish papers in reputed journals, submit project proposal to funding agencies. The department affords safe, positive & intellectual learning environment. The aim of the faculty is to provide quality education to the student community by utilizing modern teaching aids. The strong basic foundation laid by the department helps the students to apply knowledge & to become a successful chemist and good citizen of India.

We invite you to explore our web site, enroll in our courses, join our graduate and post graduate program, carry out cutting-edge research, engage our faculty and staff and enter the diverse and interesting world of Chemistry. I hope you will join our community of chemistry scholars, make the most of the opportunities we offer, and build a rewarding career.

Our courses are premeditated to provide students the knowledge of Chemistry, and also introduce them to various experimental skills. Besides, the department has been constantly revising the contents of the theory and practical (laboratory) syllabi.

The Department also offers the Ph.D. programmes mainly in Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. Presently twenty students are pursuing the Ph.D. programme. More than 100 research papers in National and International journals have so for been published by various research groups of the department

In order to inculcate an academic culture, the Department regularly organizes educational tours, guest lectures, quiz competitions and academic talks by eminent scientists from universities/research institutes. In the University, Chemistry Department has a pivotal position for its leadership role in training for research and has provided support by way of access to its seminar, library, research journals, analytical facilities, instrumentation support and guidance.

  1. Implementing effective teaching and learning process throughout the semester
  2. Maintaining the contributed department library by the students for the needy and poor students
  3. Encouraging students to participate actively in all the departmental activities.
  4. Providing motivational learning environment.
  5. Integrating theoretical concepts and practical ideas and apply them to actual classroom situation
  6. Facilitating discussion between teachers and parents for non performing students
  7. Special training is given to all the students to improve their skills
  8. Theory and practical teaching are provided through the LCD Projector
  9. Motivating the students for paper presentations and technical competition in seminars and symposia
  10. Mini projects will be given to students
  11. Assignment oriented teaching
  12. Tutorial classes for difficult subjects
  13. Support for computer based English Language Communication training
  14. Grants are received from Government/Autonomous agencies in carrying out R&D projects/seminars/workshops/ Conferences etc.

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