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BBA - Business Administration

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Bachelor of Business Administration

The undergraduate programme in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is offered by the School of Arts and Science as a platform to prepare young minds with a positive attitude for excellent performance and committed service to the society. It provides the right nurturing ground to enable students to pursue their goals and ambitions for career development and entrepreneurial ambitions.

The curriculum for the three year programme (6 Semesters), has been designed to enable the students to get an overview of the various aspects related to launching and managing a business effectively; as well as giving them an opportunity for the employable skills in the challenging business environment.

The BBA programme provides students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary learning through various generic electives from the streams of Economics, Law, Computer Applications along with the value education in their curriculum. The programme focuses on developing the students and equipping them to meet the managerial challenges of the modern days. Grooming them to work in teams is also focused upon as a key skill to be developed for success in the work-place.

The programme also aims to develop the student’s fundamental knowledge on business, administration, management, decision-making capability and research aptitude. Learning is enhanced through many pedagogical tools like case studies, presentations, internships, projects, management games, industrial visits, and guest lecturers from a pool of industry experts.

BBA students are trained to be honest, humble and dynamic with their leadership skills, to learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them, they are educated with to be firm in pursuing their basic values, to embrace meritocracy, in being firm in taking strict decisions, to recognize one’s own weakness. Aimed at the holistic development of the students, they are embarked with the right attitude to face the challenges of modern digital world, which is aimed towards meeting their personal and professional objectives. Students are encouraged by the Department to participation in various National and International educational conferences as well as cultural fest. The department also conducts many curricular and co-curricular activities on a regular basis. Social responsibility is a thrust area and students are encouraged to participate in community development programs.

  1. Understand the principles, functional and technical aspects of effective administration of business enterprises.
  2. Understand and apply knowledge from the contribution made by business management thinkers towards the basic principles and functions of management.
  3. Integrate knowledge, skill and attitude that will sustain an environment of learning and creativity among the students.
  4. Critically analyses and interpret the management concepts and theories
  5. Understand and apply ethical principles at both at professional and community levels
  6. Understand and apply leadership skills at the individual and group levels
  7. Develop their entrepreneurial skills
  8. Develop the capacity of making decisions at personal and professional level.
  9. Evaluate various business problems using analytical and creative, and integrative abilities.
  10. Enhance the soft skill and maximize the industry interface through various initiatives
  11. Demonstrate effective and practical communication to business situation
  12. Lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment
  13. Create interest and knowledge on the global business practices.

This program could provide the job options in the following sectors:

  1. Advertising Agencies
  2. Banking sector
  3. Business consultant
  4. Event Management Companies
  5. Human resource management
  6. Insurance Companies
  7. Information Technology
  8. Market research firms
  9. Manufacturing industries
  10. Software companies
  11. Transport Agencies
  12. Warehousing etc.

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